Dance Competitions Rules

1 Entries

a) The submission of any entry by or on behalf of any person implies the acceptance of the competition rules as laid down in this syllabus and of any other conditions attached to any specified class therein.

b) Entries are accepted at the discretion of the committee.

c) Fees are to be paid in full at the time of entry.
Payment can be made by:

Cheque made payable to Northland Ballet & Dance Inc.

Internet banking to Northland Ballet & Dance Inc.
ASB Bank Whangarei 12-3099-0264439-00.

d) No late entries will be accepted. No telephone or fax entries will be accepted.

e) Please state dance teacher’s phone number and email address on entry.

f) No person will be permitted to enter more than once in any one solo class.

g) Duo and Trio competitors may enter twice, but only once with the same partner.

2 Eligibility

a) Northland Residents: These competitions are open to Northland Residents only.
Northland boundaries are as defined by the Northland Regional Council - areas included in Far North District Council, Whangarei District Council and Kaipara District Council.
See map

Tertiary and boarding students living outside the district whose families are resident in Northland are eligible.

b) Amateur Status: These competitions are not open to professional performers. The qualification of a professional is any performer who has achieved this status by qualification or experience and whose income and chosen career requires them to be recognised as a professional. An exception is allowed for the ‘Anything Goes’ class only.

c) Competitors: Any competitor who is, or has been taught by the Adjudicator of that section during the two years preceding the date of the competitions cannot compete in that section.

d) Age: Age limits will be taken at the date of the commencement of the competition. Birth date details are to be entered on the competitions entry form.

3 Classes

The Competitions Committee reserves the right to divide classes, combine small classes or cancel classes. Entry fees will be refunded if the class is cancelled by the committee.

4 Combined Classes

In combined age group classes where there is more than 1 trophy, the top placing for the age group will receive a trophy.

5 Restricted Classes

Only Competitors who have not won in a similar class (Tap, Modern Jazz, and Classical), in any competition prior to the commencement of the competitions may dance a Restricted class.

6 Jazz and Tap Dance Championships

To be eligible to enter in the Championships, competitors must have placed 1st, 2nd or 3rd in a previous Tap Open or Modern Jazz solo competition, (excluding Restricted classes). Competitors must also have entered and danced in their age class solo.

Tap Championship: Dances cannot be a straight Tango/Latin or Waltz Tap.
Over 12 years must perform a different dance than that danced in their age class solo and it must be three speed.
Under 12 years may repeat their age class solo and it is optional two or three speed.

Modern Jazz Championship: Dance may be either a Jazz or Musical Theatre dance.
Entrants over 12 years must perform a different dance than that performed in their age class solo.
Under 12 years may repeat their age class solo.

7 National Character Dances

Dances entered into these classes are to be constructive Character National dances in keeping with a registered ballet syllabus.

8 Titles

Titles are required for Barefoot, National Character, Demi-Character, Classical Variation, Song & Dance, Musical Theatre and all Group classes.
For title changes or if title is not decided at time of entry, please advise the Competitions Committee of dance titles before the Competitions begin.

9 Time Limits

Exceeding these time limits could result in disqualification.

Solos: Under 10 years: 2 minutes max;   10 & under 12 years: 3 minutes max;   12 years & over: 4 minutes max.

Duos & Trios: Under 12 years: 3 minutes max;  12 years & over: 4 minutes max.
Time limit based on the eldest competitor.

Groups: 5 minutes max.

10 Groups

A group consists of four or more dancers.
Competitors may dance more than once per class in this section; however teachers may enter the same group only once.
Group competitors may dance more than once but no more than three times per class.

11 Student Own Choreography Class

A solo dance made up by the student to their choice of music prior to the competition.

12 Replacements

In the event of sickness, a competitor dancing in duos, trios or groups may be replaced before the beginning of the session by a bona fide competitor in the Competitions. Please advise the Competitions Committee before the beginning of the

13 Repeats

12 years & over - may only repeat a dance in PACANZ nomination classes.
Under 12 years – 1st time soloists can dance the same dance 3 times: 1st time solo class, restricted class and solo age class.
Other under 12 years can only dance the same dance twice: restricted and solo age class or solo age class and championship.
Refer rule 6 above re eligibility to enter championship classes.

14 Order of Performance

Competitor’s names will appear in the programme in the order in which they will compete.
All competitors are to be backstage or near vicinity at the time of the commencement of their class.
Those not present when called upon shall, at the discretion of the Competitions Committee forfeit their right to compete in that class.

15 Second Attempts

Second attempts may be permitted at the discretion of the Adjudicator.

16 Errors

 Please notify the Competitions Committee of any errors in the competitions programme before the competitions begin.

17 Withdrawals

 Please advise the Competitions Committee of any withdrawals before the commencement of the competitions.

18 Music

Please record music onto CD’s. Each disc is to be clearly named and delivered to the stage manager before commencement of the class. The Adjudicator may take quality of sound reproduction into consideration.

Please Note: One CD per competitor per dance. The Sound Operator is unable to cue CDs for other competitors or dance classes that are recorded on the same CD.

19 Adjudicator

No communication by teachers, competitors or other interested parties, with the adjudicator is permitted. The Competitions Committee reserves the right to disqualify a competitor for any breach of this rule.

20 Rehearsals

Rehearsals on stage are not permitted at any time, including meal breaks, except in special circumstances and then only with the permission of either the Competitions Committee or Stage Manager.

21 Curtains and Stage Lighting

Curtains and dimming of stage lights may be used for Groups and Troupes only.

22 Filming

Generally, a competitor may arrange for their performance to be recorded by an audience member. In no circumstances may you record, on any device, another performer without their permission.
Flash photography is not permitted during an item.
Please use tripods with consideration for the audience and the adjudicator’s view is not obscured.

The Adjudicator’s verbal summary comments are not to be recorded by any means.

23 Trophies

All trophies held by the competitors from last year are to be returned by the date stated in this syllabus.
They are to be professionally engraved at competitors’ expense and cleaned prior to being returned.
Competitors will be invoiced the costs of repairing trophies that are returned in poor condition or damaged.
Entries for the current competitions will not be accepted until all trophies held by a competitor are returned.

24 Aggregate Trophies

To win an aggregate trophy the Competitor is to compete in all required classes and earn the highest sum of points for 1st, 2nd or 3rd placings awarded by the Adjudicator:

First Place - 5 Points      Second Place - 3 Points       Third Place - 1 Point

When placings are tied, the total of nine points is re-allocated as follows:

1st Place Tie -  First Equal: 4 Points each;    Third: 1 Point

2nd Place Tie -  First: 5 Points;    Second Equal: 2 Points each.

3rd Place Tie -  First: 5 Points;    Second: 3 Points;    Third Equal: ½ point each.

25 Protests

 To enter a protest Competitors are required to submit in writing the grounds upon which the protest is based plus $20 (twenty dollars) fee to the Secretary of NB&D Inc. before the end of the competitions.
Should the protest, upon investigation by the Competitions Committee be deemed frivolous or unfounded, the fee shall be forfeited.
The decision of the Competitions Committee is final.

26 Personal Risk

a) All competitors compete at their own risk and the Society accepts no responsibility for any accidents or mishaps and on these conditions only are entries accepted.

b) The Society and volunteers helping with the event will not accept responsibility for the supervision of children.

27 Privacy Disclaimer

The dance competitions application form collects personal information about you.

a) This information is collected for the purpose of registering you and determining your eligibility for the classes you have entered in Northland Ballet & Dance Inc’s (NB&D) competitions.

b) This information will form part of the competitions programme and is available to the Committee of NB&D. It may also be used to inform you about services and events offered or recommended by NB&D and opportunities to support NB&D’s work.

c) You have the right of access to and correction of this information subject to the provisions of the Privacy Act 1993.